As the title reflects, I feel I have been Chasing Rainbows to no avail. I needed someplace or thing to make me feel more grounded and accountable. Somewhere I can record my plans and efforts as I work towards meeting goals of increasing my Polymer Clay knowledge, skills, and abilities while working towards a healthier me, in mind, body, and soul. A place that reminds me that everything has the possibility to improve with effort (I might even catch part of one of those Rainbows, someday).

Oh NO, I've lost my followers

Posted by Sue C | Posted on Monday, February 01, 2010 | Posted in

I just came to check into comments (I was right, we ran half the day, so I didn't have anything new to post about) and my followers have all disappeared.  PLEASE, if you were a follower, "join" up (or whatever) again, I like to see who looks at my blog, it gives me a sense of connection.  Thanks, Sad Smile and hugs, S

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uh.... I still see your followers!!

I still see them too, maybe they magically reappeared? Poof!!!

I just don't get it, LOLOL Honest, they weren't there when I went looking around 4-6 pm, don't know where they went, don't know how they got back, but I'm sure glad to see you all. Hugs and SMILES!!! and thanks for the comments, even though now I think I'm going crazy!!! (and it's not a very long trip)

I see them too. I have touched or changed anyting on your blog tech wise either. Must be a blogger glitch!

Hi Sue! Thought I was already following you, but it looks like I wasn't. Am now. I agree, losing your followers temporarily was probably just some sort of glitch. Looks like you've got everyone back now! :-)

Thanks, Cindy. I know you know how much more connected you feel when you "know" who might be reading, LOL. Smiles

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