As the title reflects, I feel I have been Chasing Rainbows to no avail. I needed someplace or thing to make me feel more grounded and accountable. Somewhere I can record my plans and efforts as I work towards meeting goals of increasing my Polymer Clay knowledge, skills, and abilities while working towards a healthier me, in mind, body, and soul. A place that reminds me that everything has the possibility to improve with effort (I might even catch part of one of those Rainbows, someday).

Another Monday

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Well, here it is Monday, again, already.  Where does the time go?  Today wasn't much of a thrilling day, but it wasn't a bad day either.  The temps got into the mid 20s, Walletmart and Meijers weren't terribly crowded, so we got in and out quickly.  Mr. C and I had a nice leisurely breakfast together at Bob Evans.  We were home before Noon and I quickly did all my household chores and then started mixing colors and sheeting polymer clay for more eye canes.  I only got 3 sets done today (they each take 4-6 colors and I don't make small canes, LOL), but I only had half a day today, so I feel pretty good about that.  I only have 4 color sets to go, so I should be able to finish them tomorrow and start the extruding part.

We were worried about the mail man (I don't have to say person, as our mail person is actually a man, LOL) getting to our mailbox due to the snow the plows have thrown up in front of it.  Remember, we live in the middle of nowhere and are a very long driveway away from the road and our mailbox.  Mr. C was going to go out and shovel away the snow in front of the mailbox, but decided he didn't want to, it was too cold and he didn't care if we got mail today or not. . . (what's with that???).   Well, bless our mailman's heart, we not only got mail, there were 3 boxes, so he brought it up to the house to us.  Mr. C got an audio book by Michael Crichton he's been wanting, "Pirate".  We also got ink our printers badly needed, and look what I got:

 I got my order for my sculpting class.  A sculpting tree or stand, 4 BIG porcupine quills, and a bunch of sculpting sticks.  Kori, the instructor suggests building small heads on these sticks with small balls on the end of them as they're less likely to poke through the head as you work on them.
I had to lay the sculpting tree on it's side to get it in the photo, so tip your head to the right if you want to imagine how it would look upright.  It's so you can hang your sculpture while you work on it and has lots of different heights depending on how large your sculpture is.

Well, that's my exciting day today . . . not very, exciting, that is, LOL, but it was a nice day all told.  I hope you had a nice day, too.  Smiles, S

Oh, I forgot, in the middle of the night last night, I figured out what do to about my humongous cane.  When we made a similar design in Jana Roberts Benzon's class in Reno, we started with 3" long triangles of about the same size, 5".  So, if I cut this 9" long cane into 3 3" pieces, and put "end caps" on all the exposed ends I should be able to reduce each section separately.  Then I can either put the three reduced sections together, cut in half, and put both halves together for the full cane or do each section as a separate cane to be sure they are the same size and fit together correctly.  I was so pleased to come up with an answer, even if it was in the middle of the night, LOL.  I think it was just because I mentioned it to all of you and it got my mind puzzling on the answer rather than just feeling overwhelmed by the size and giving up.  Thanks for your help.  S

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Happy Happy New Year and good luck in the giveaway!!
Your day sounds wonderful to me.

Thank you, Marie, what a nice thing to say. Smiles, Sue

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