As the title reflects, I feel I have been Chasing Rainbows to no avail. I needed someplace or thing to make me feel more grounded and accountable. Somewhere I can record my plans and efforts as I work towards meeting goals of increasing my Polymer Clay knowledge, skills, and abilities while working towards a healthier me, in mind, body, and soul. A place that reminds me that everything has the possibility to improve with effort (I might even catch part of one of those Rainbows, someday).


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Whew, I finished mixing colors and sheeting out the rest of my eye cane sheets.

Then I began rolling them into cylinders that would fit into the extruder barrel.  I'm going to use my super duper Polymer Clay Express Cordless Extruder for the first time.  I got it as a gift when it first came out but then life got in the way and I did very little claying that year, so I never used it.  I hope it works well, because the arthritis in my left thumb/wrist is horrible today.  I don't think I would be as ambitious if I didn't have a motorized Pasta Machine, either, I LOVE my motorized Pasta Machine.  I'd like it even better if I'd get my "new and improved" model D.R.E.A.M. Machine back from PCExpress.  Oops, better not go there, this is supposed to be a positive blog.

Anyway, a quick aside here as a little Gratitude note:  I just want to publicly express how much I appreciate the fantastic husband I have.  I've seen a lot of posts lately (probably economy driven) about spouses being very negative about their wives craft/hobbies.  Mr. C is truly a wonder.  He's the one who keeps gifting me with the wonderful new PC toys.  He encourages anything I want to do clay wise, even this recent bug for eye canes.  Wait until you see them all laid out.  He walks by the trash by my Pasta Machine and just shakes his head, rolls his eyes and asks, "I suppose you couldn't have used 'left-overs' could you?  How much new clay will you need to replace this?"  When I point out that at least I'm using 'old clay', he just closes his eyes, shakes his head, and walks away.  He's so sweet.  He says, "As long as I'm busy claying, he knows I'm happy, so it's good enough for him."  AND, he does all the eBay work, all I have to do is play clay.   I'm so fortunate.

So, back to the clay:  Here are the colors I have all ready to extrude tomorrow.

So, 11 colors of eye canes, the colors on the far right are for highlights in some of the other canes.

Oh, I wish I could get a decent picture of what I just saw.  Last night, our puppy Snuffles discovered her tail and started chasing it, which was funny enough.  Today, she CAUGHT it, LMAO.  She caught it and stood there looking puzzled, she pulled on it, and jumped and then started around in the other direction trying to catch whatever had just pulled her tail.  It was just hilarious, but of course the minute I turned the camera on she came jumping to play with me.  Here is a fuzzy picture of it anyway:
Here's a picture of her playing, too, she's so cute.

Anyway, so this blog post is a post of Gratitude for Mr. C., for my puppy Snuffles, for my Polymer Clay Toys, and for all the friends I have who will read this and chuckle.  I hope you've had as productive and happy a day as I've had.  Smiles

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